Do you want me to play or sing on your tracks, produce or mix them? Just drop me a line! Regardless of your ambitions, if you’re making music in your bedroom or just about to release a world hit I always strive to deliver the best possible product for any kind of music.Contact me here!

What people said:

Ruud Jolie (NL) Within Temptation – ForAllWeKnow
“I have had the pleasure to work in the studio with Léo twice now. Both times for my side-project “For All We Know”. The first time was in 2009 and the second time was in 2016 and both times the process went extremely smooth. One reason is that he is, obviously, an amazing drummer with a huge set of skills. It doesn’t matter if he needs to play a very straight and super heavy metal beat or more of a dynamically challenging jazzy groove. The second, but not less important reason, is that he’s a very very nice guy to work with. He’s very serious and dedicated but you can have a beer and laugh as well…”

Javier Sepulveda (US/Chile)
Pulse of Nature / Felix Martin band
“Working with Leo was a true honour and a perfect experience for me. He is not only an incredibly talented drummer but also a very skilled producer, which is a major plus. Leo is one of the most versatile musicians I have ever known. On the Pulse of Nature album, in which we collaborated, he masterfully captured and understood the main concept of each composition and made every single track vastly improved. I would absolutely recommend his outstanding work to people who are looking for exceptional results!”

Brett Caldas-Lima (FR). Producer and owner at Tower Studio (Ayreon, Devin Townsend, Haken…)
“I’ve recorded and mixed Leo live with Pain Of Salvation and, despite the “live conditions”, he is one of the very best I’ve ever worked with. His drums are constantly so well set, tuned and played that there’s almost no challenge mixing them to great results. Of course, no editing is needed with a musician of this caliber, his groove and musical sense are second to none and he has a rare understanding of how to support the message of the songs. On top of that, he’s one of the nicest guy you can meet so I can only wholeheartedly recommend working with him.”

Martin Schnella (DE). Flaming Row
“I first worked together with Leo on the 2nd Flaming Row CD “Mirage – A Portrayal Of Figures”. He plays drums on one of the tracks. As a big PoS Fan, I know that he is also a great singer. Melli and I asked him to sing the 3rd harmonies on our acoustic Cover CDs “Gray Matters” and “Pieces To Remember”. Leo’s voice sounds perfect in combination to ours! It is really easy and comfortable working with him!”

Josh Farrell (US). Neverlight
“We were thrilled when Leo agreed to play on our latest album. The material on the album is quite diverse, and we needed someone who could come in and just nail everything. We threw many styles at him, from laid back acoustic to blastbeat-driven metal, and Leo handled it all, not just easily, but gracefully and with brilliant creativity. It was like Christmas every time we got a track back from him. We were grinning like fools every time! On top of that, Leo is a fantastic person and a true pleasure to work with. He’s very easy to communicate with, and he delivers great-sounding, mix-ready tracks. I can’t really imagine making an album without him.”